High Frequency Trading Book Dampens Mood for Stocks

High Frequency Trading Book Dampens Mood for Stocks

The busy IPO calendar has helped the mood for stocks, even as the high frequency trading cloud continues to darken the skies. New stocks like GrubHub, which traded up 40% on its first day have enticed investors to the stock market. However, the public remains discouraged by what they hear about the high frequency trading.

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AbstractAbstract: We document High Frequency Trading Book Dampens Mood for Stocks several methods that trading in Nasdaq stocks is localized, but find little evidence that cloudy weather in the city in which a company is based affects its returns. Second, firms in blizzard-struck cities see a dramatic trading volume drop compared to firms in other cities.

Third, the Yom Kippur holiday dampens trading volume in companies located in cities with high Jewish populations. Equities outperform fixed income by about 3.5% annually over very long time frames but are far more volatile in price and can suffer far greater declines. Globally diversified portfolios which tilt towards small and value stocks along with large and growth stocks have outperformed the ever popular US large cap growth stock asset class by over 3% annually long term.

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Frequency Book Trading for Mood Dampens High Stocks

High Frequency Trading Book Dampens Mood for Stocks

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